17 January 2020

UK factual powerhouse Zinc Media Group plc (Zinc Media) has attracted £3.5m of new investment funding to help accelerate its continued growth. The funds were raised in a recently-completed fundraising round in the City.

Mark Browning, CEO of Zinc Media, says: “Our investors have seen how much we have grown recently, and are keen to back our future expansion. It means we can further invest in creative talent; invest in our nations and regions operations; and invest in technology to help fuel Zinc’s overall growth.”

Zinc Media is home to six leading factual TV production brands (Blakeway, Blakeway North, Brook Lapping, Films of Record, Reef, and Tern Television).

“We experienced a huge uplift in demand for our out-of-London TV work last year, up 32% year on year, a demand we expect to grow even further,” adds Mark Browning. “We are one of the UK’s very few multi-nation companies, so are a perfect partner for commissioners looking for high-quality Nations and Regions content.

“As well as strengthening our TV footprint in the UK, we are also securing more US commissions, so need to invest further behind this growth. We have a fantastic senior creative team and this additional funding will help us extend that team even further. There is no better time for us to be investing in our creative growth.”

Zinc Media operates in Aberdeen, Belfast, Glasgow, London and Manchester with an emerging Bristol base. With overall revenues increasing by 14% last year, the group spans the full range of factual content – from high-quality returning daytime and primetime series, to landmark features and one-offs. Recent programmes include: Brook Lapping’s Inside Europe: Ten Years of Turmoil (3 x 60 min for BBC Two) and Why Are Our Politicians So Crap? with Jeremy Paxman (1 x 60 min for Channel 5); Blakeway’s Lost Cities with Albert Lin (Nat Geo, 6 x 60 min for National Geographic) and Fighter Pilots: The Real Top Gun (3 x 60 min for ITV); Blakeway North’s Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun (5 series of 8 x 60 min for Channel 5); Films of Record’s The Trans Women Athlete Dispute with Martina Navratilova (1 x 60 min for BBC One) and The Sound of Movie Musicals (3 x 60 min for BBC Four); Reef’s Critical Incident (10

x 30 mins for BBC One); and Tern Television’s Emergency Helicopter Medics (10 x 60 mins for More 4) and The Bone Detectives: Britain’s Buried Secrets (8 x 60 mins for Channel 4).

Zinc’s impressive multi-nation presence will be further enhanced by the new investment, introducing new post production technology across its sites. Going forward, all Zinc’s nations and regions offices will hang off the same technology and post-production system, allowing the group to further grow its nations and regions commissions.

Zinc also operates Zinc Communicate, a leading marketing communications agency working across publishing and content. Part of the new investment will be spent expanding Zinc Communicate, allowing it to build a client base in digital marketing, video communication, and brand-led content alongside its existing digital publishing, CSR and digital education business.

The £3.5m of new investment funding was raised through a new share issue, which won support from existing shareholders and a number of new institutional investors.

“It’s fantastic to have such a vote of confidence from our investors,” continues Mark Browning. “There’s a huge amount of interest in the content market at the moment and it complements our belief that there is huge growth potential for Zinc across the whole of the UK and also internationally. We are proud to be growing, attracting investment, and expanding our talent base. It’s a very exciting time for us.”

About Zinc Media

Zinc Media Group plc, (AIM: ZIN), the leading TV and multimedia content producer, is home to some of the UK’s leading content creators.

The company has six award-winning and critically acclaimed television production labels:

Blakeway, the home of high quality specialist factual programmes focusing on History, Archaeology, Natural History, Arts & Music

Blakeway North, our award-winning regional production company in Manchester, specialising in popular factual programmes for the UK market

Brook Lapping, with an exceptional track record in current affairs, contemporary history and investigations

Films of Record which makes outstanding access documentaries

Reef which focuses on high-rating popular factual formats and daytime series

Tern Television, a multi-award winning popular factual company based in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Belfast.

Zinc Media also operates Zinc Communicate, a non-TV content division specialising in creating B2B communications strategies and behaviour change programmes, campaigns and resources for partners, businesses, and government departments.

This new investment of £3.5m gross equates to £3.2m after associated costs.