10 April 2017

Three Brits compete to find the best vintage pieces and retro collectibles they think will make the biggest profit back home

Catch up

When they return to the UK, they have one day to upcycle and renovate their purchases; after that, they all join up again in a British town where they must sell everything for as much money as possible. The person who makes the most profit wins everyone’s earnings. Along the way, there’s tips galore about the tricks of buying and selling and how to spruce up everything from furniture to figurines.

French Collection combines the beautiful brocante markets unique to France, with buying and upcycling vintage and retro collectibles in order to make money. It’s a real-life cross-Channel challenge spanning three days: one to buy, one to upcycle and one to sell for maximum profit. Whoever makes the most goes home with everyone’s winnings.