28 April 2016

A magical series that reveals what it's like to be a puppy...

…during the most important, experimental year of their lives; from the moment they’re born to their first birthdays. We’re there for the key moments, the trials, tribulations and triumphs. We witness the world through their eyes and discover that beneath their cute visage lies a world full of drama, of love, of learning and of courage as they struggle to understand the world around them and their place within it. These are our most beloved pets as you’ve never been seen before.

Episode 1

In this episode we’ll follow some very special puppies through their first eight weeks of life – from the moment they are born to the moment they join their human family. During this extraordinary time, our puppies experience the most remarkable changes – transforming from helpless, blind newborns into capable canines. Every sight, sound and smell they encounter will form the building blocks of their personality. We will be right by their sides for every trial, tribulation and triumph.

Episode 2

In this episode we’ll watch some very special puppies enter a new phase of their lives – as they leave their littermates and join their new human families. This is the most transformative moment of their lives. We’ll get inside their heads, learn how they form bonds that last a life time and discover exactly how they become man’s best friend.