24 August 2017

Mark Austin and his daughter Maddy draw on their own family’s experience to break the stigma around eating disorders

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and investigate whether the health care system is providing appropriate care.

In this deeply personal film, Mark Austin, award-winning reporter and news presenter, and his daughter Maddy explore the devastating effects of eating disorders and the availability of suitable care. They discuss the subject with patients, their families, Prince William and Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health.

There are approximately 1.2 million people with eating disorders in the UK, and it is the cause of the highest number of mental health related deaths. In this film, Mark and Maddy meet patients and relatives and explore the lengthy waiting lists for treatment, the extremely limited number of beds for people with eating disorders, the closure of outpatient centres across the country and the so-called postcode lottery which determines the level of care patients receive. They put these findings to Jeremy Hunt who responds to criticisms about the speed of change in treatment and whether the money allocated to eating disorders is reaching its intended targets.