Brook Lapping Explore Abuse With Ian Wright For BBC One

Earlier this year, Ian Wright told Desert Island Discs the reality of his childhood and the impact of witnessing abuse as a child. The outpouring of support and private messages Ian received after its broadcast had a huge impact on him and was the catalyst for this film, which Ian considers to be one of the most important projects of his career.

Ian will share his own story – shaped by a difficult relationship with his stepfather – and will help tell the story of others, who have gone through similar experiences to him.

This year has had immeasurable impact on children living in abusive homes, witnessing emotional and physical abuse with little or no escape for months on end. Ian will meet with social workers to find out how they are supporting and protecting children living in at-risk households during Covid-19 as well as meeting with adults and young people who have been affected by growing up with domestic abuse.

Along the way, Ian’s investigations will cause him to re-evaluate his troubled early life – how might things have turned out differently with external support. He will talk with family members, old friends and colleagues to explore how it has affected him.

Ian Wright says: “As someone in the public eye I know I have a platform. I know that people will give me space to speak and I am often asked to do so. I mainly say no.

“This time, I couldn’t say no. Not speaking is what helps abuse continue. We are creating a cycle of abuse, years of scars and trauma. We are not protecting young children enough and my story, unfortunately is not a unique one. I am grateful to the BBC for giving me this platform. For bringing the subject of abuse and all its discomfort to a mainstream audience. To start this conversation, so others can continue it…”

Kate Phillips, Acting Controller of BBC One says: “I’d like to thank Ian Wright for opening up and making this incredibly personal film about growing up in an abusive home for BBC One. This year has been particularly challenging for vulnerable children living in at-risk households and I hope that this film will raise awareness of this important subject.”

Ian Wright: Home Truths (w/t), a 1×60’ for BBC One, is made by Brook Lapping & Serpentine Creative. It was commissioned by Charlotte Moore, Chief Content Officer and Emma Loach, Commissioning Editor, Documentaries. The Director is Dan Dewsbury and the Producer is Charlene Osuagwu. Executive Producers are Emma Hindley and Anna Sadowy.

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