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Spray & Up Digital Wallcover Launch & Sales Tool

Sales and corporate communications

Communicating the launch and benefits of Spray & Up to staff and customers.

zinc produced an integrated launch and training campaign that demonstrated the benefits and ease of installation of a new spray-the-wall wallcover: Ahlstrom EasyLife® Spray & Up. The campaign incorporated a full range of sales materials, a demonstration video, on and offline advertising, and culminated in the launch of the product at a large trade show in Munich.

Due to the success of the launch a second video was commissioned to show the installation process: Ahlstrom EasyLife® Spray & Up instructions.


Also for Ahlstrom: The Wallcover Facings Folder, a fully bespoke sales tool featuring a range of ‘touch and feel’ samples for client meetings. The custom-made, board-backed folder is oversized for impact with a concealed magnetic closure for added wow factor. Individual printed samples were photographed to highlight the textures and finishes available and the binder has ‘leave-behind’ samples which were easy to replenish.


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