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Blakeway for BBC1

Shortlisted for a BAFTA and a One World Media Award

Panorama followed Dr Javid on his month-long posting to an MSF Ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone  

For the first time ever, specially-designed goggle cameras were used to take viewers inside the fight against the worst Ebola outbreak in history, providing a doctor’s eye view of the heartbreaking struggle to treat infected patients. The cutting-edge cameras were attached to goggles worn by British A&E doctor, Javid Abdelmoneim and his colleagues inside the centre’s high-risk zone, giving viewers a front row seat to the harsh realities of Ebola and the danger of battling a disease that turns people into bio hazards.

Viewers gained an extraordinary insight into the impact of the virus, experiencing the frustration, pain and despair of the patients, their families and the medical teams struggling to beat Ebola, and the euphoria when some do.

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