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Hiroshima, 8.15am, 6th August 1945: the world's first nuclear bomb exploded

Armed conflict, international politics and the security of the human race changed forever  

Through a detailed re-telling of the events before, during and after the dropping of the bomb, the film unravels the compelling story of one of the 20th century’s defining moments and reveals the far-reaching consequences of the explosion, both in Hiroshima itself and for the world at large. From the rooms of the world’s most powerful leaders, both Allied and Japanese, to inside the planes sent on the fateful mission to the devastated streets of Hiroshima in the hours after the attack, the film explores the crucial moments, the key locations and the pivotal players involved.

With archive footage never before seen on television and testimony from survivors who are talking for the very first time to tell the real stories of what happened in the days, months and years after the bomb.

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