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Brook Lapping for Channel 4

Acclaimed filmmaker Michael Waldman reveals Louboutin's determination and remarkable creativity

Not only an insight into the business of luxury shoes, but also the changing tides of wealth and fashion across the globe

Christian Louboutin is the most famous shoe designer in the world. His vertiginously high stilettos with their signature lacquer-red soles grace the feet of the rich and famous, and can cost up to £6000 a pair. For the first time, Louboutin allowed Brook Lapping to film behind the scenes of his extraordinary world. Acclaimed filmmaker Michael Waldman reveals the determination and remarkable creativity that has seen Louboutin revolutionise contemporary footwear, turning the humble shoe into an icon of eroticism, sexual fetish and fun.

The Louboutin Company never advertises their shoes. It relies wholly on word of mouth, its inimitable look and distinctive mix of edgy, sexy, sinister and transgressive style. Paris Fashion Week, meetings with Vogue, fittings with celebrity clients and preparations for the next season all form the backdrop of his world but it is back in his factory in Milan where Louboutin really comes to life.

Channel 4 Commissioner John Hay said: I’m sad to say I’ve never owned a pair of Louboutin heels, but watching this film I was completely won over by Louboutin’s cheek, wit and sense of mischief. It’s a pleasure to get a glimpse behind the curtain at the world he and his clients inhabit, and Michael has done a brilliant job of capturing it on film.

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