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Education programme & portal for ages 2-18+

Reputation management & behaviour change  

Enabling children, students, adults and vulnerable groups to reach their full potential through key lifeskills programmes

Nationwide Education, an awardwinning education programme and portal, harnesses and integrates new technology as it emerges and continues to engage with the changing needs of its audiences: pre-schoolers, primary, secondary, students, teachers, parents and carers. The resource:

  • Enhances Nationwide Building Society’s reputation through schools and the communities it serves.
  • Changes behaviours through the lifeskills programmes.
  • Provides scope, information and training for employee engagement through a dedicated volunteering microsite.
  • Creates campaigns linking education programmes and product launches.
  • Establishes a point of difference between Nationwide Building Society and its competitors.

Nationwide Education themes include: financial capability, sustainable living, employability and safety. Formats include film, interactive games, read-aloud storybooks, animations, e-learning modules, study aids and interactive guides for adults.

The education and community programmes have received many accolades and awards, including the BiTC Big Tick and over 2.5 million hits to date. Teachers, parents and Nationwide Building Society employees continue to deliver a growing range of key lifeskills programmes to future generations.




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