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Siemens Education programme & portal

Reputation management & behaviour change

Tackling the STEM skills gap with the UK's first engineering, education and careers programme & portal  

Siemens’ reputation in the education sector is now firmly established and long-term sustainable relationships continue to flourish with this purpose-designed educational programme & portal that showcases both intellectual leadership and ongoing support for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The initiative changes behaviours by inspiring young people to engage in STEM-related content.

The creation, development and management of a UK-wide education portal with comprehensive multi-platform, STEM content, including highly interactive schemes of work for practical application in the classroom and engaging 3D games based on some of the most groundbreaking industrial projects and technologies in the UK.

Around 4.5 million pupils and students have benefited from the flagship programme which has received critical acclaim within Siemens. Global interest has resulted in sharing of good practice.

Rolled out in conjunction with an Employee Engagement programme and support management tool.


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