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Behaviour change & brand impact  

Helping students develop skills directly linked to STEM careers and bringing the Periodic Table to life  

The Syngenta Periodic Table

A free interactive resource, designed to change behaviour, encouraging young people to appreciate the role chemistry plays in their everyday life. Students can conduct experiments in the Reaction Zone, a unique virtual laboratory where they can see the results play out on film; or get to grips with real-life chemistry as they explore and manipulate compound structures in 3D.

Education Resource Awards (ERA) 2012 – Finalist in the Best Secondary Resource or Equipment using ICT category.



Farm Tech Challenge

Brand impact in the education arena, demonstrating commitment to nurturing skills and innovation in young people. Students aged 12-16+ were invited to programme a Raspberry Pi and utilise associated technologies to create a project, and devise or develop an innovative solution to help farms grow more from less, improve the environment and keep people safe.

Aligned to Syngenta’s Good Growth Plan and commitment to make a measurable contribution to the challenges of food security by 2020.


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