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What makes BTG different?

Corporate communications

Insights into the global BTG culture, reinforcing the success of the company and the commitment and passion of its people  

zinc produced nine corporate communications videos for internal and external audiences that maintain the unique values and culture of BTG plc as it transitions through growth. They showcase the company’s biggest assets – its people.

The Culture & Values video: ‘What makes BTG different?’ comprises a series of neat narratives that take place from waking to the end of the working day, cutting between lively, candid interviews and working situations to give a holistic perspective of how BTG staff approach their day-to-day working lives. It shifts typical perceptions of big pharma and presents a new genre of non-corporate video.

The ‘Working with us’ careers videos bring BTG’s brightest minds to the fore, give a platform to its unsung heroes and position BTG as an attractive and different place to work for prospective graduates; they also tempt sought-after talent. BTG’s DNA messaging is disseminated throughout, enticing the very best people to work at BTG.

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