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Health education multimedia toolkit

Behaviour change

Wise Up won hearts and minds with a story of young love

A UK-wide education programme to raise awareness of the link between HPV and cervical cancer, and support the HPV Vaccination programme in UK secondary schools.

A flexible suite of materials for both education and health professionals to reinforce key messaging and promote behaviour change. Simple explanations of the need for vaccination for girls aged 12-13 years, highlighting both the social reasons for the vaccine and the protection it can provide to young women.

This awardwinning resource continues to resonate with young female teens and communicate public health messaging simply and effectively.

The Wise up HPV toolkit is supported by SAPHNA – The School and Public Health Nurses Association.

  • A multimedia toolkit linked to science and PSHE curricula as taught throughout the UK, written in collaboration with school nurse professionals and teachers featuring film, music and dynamic presentations with presenter notes.
  • A stimulus film featuring girls discussing their understanding and experience of HPV vaccination.
  • A lesson plan and worksheets that explore the link between cervical cancer and HPV, and HPV vaccination, the immune system, how vaccinations work and their impact in reducing the spread of disease.


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