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Helping students manage their finances


Adding value to customer experience by providing access to specific, targeted content

To coincide with the introduction of a new student bank account by Nationwide Building Society in August 2016, zinc created a customer education website. ‘Your Student Money’ is aimed at those planning to go to university or a higher education college who are eligible for a student bank account. New students and their parents can access useful, relevant and up-to-date information at a glance and go more into detail if they choose.

From student finance and bank accounts to student life and spending wisely, Your Student Money is a comprehensive customer education tool that leads users through the ups and downs of managing personal finance. It covers not only sensible and realistic ways to budget but also money worries and what to do when things start to go awry. Lively copy bounces off the page and draws the user in to find out more and click through to areas of further interest.

Appealing and engaging animations, illustrations, infographics and budgeting tools combine to present a distinctive and authentic visual language that ensures that the website is accessible and holds sway with its intended audience, 18 to 24 year olds.

We looked at key design trends for this age range including packaging, point of sale, fashion, magazines, restaurants, shops, festival flyers and more. The line illustration approach was decided upon as the best route forward as it conveys the correct tone and injects humour into the site; it’s also a key trend with some longevity. Dry subjects are treated in abstract, intriguing and quirky ways in order to grab attention.

The animal head characters proved to be particularly popular with our research group and provided a useful visual shorthand by which to illustrate concepts (shifty fox, lone wolf, part of the herd, etc.). They also helped us avoid stereotyping and added to the independent, authentic style we were aiming for.

In terms of function, the HTML5 website benefits from being dynamic and responsive, is supported cross-browser and is accessible across smartphones, tablets and desktops. It also supports devices with lower bandwidth connections. It’s SEO-ready, has an easy-to-use CMS and behavioural analytics built in. It’s also shared easily on social media.


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